Wedding Dress: Make it Expensive When It’s Cheap

You want to look elegant and pristine as you walk down the aisle on your grandest day but most of us could only dream of wearing a Yumi Katsura gown.

Having a fine wedding dress is of paramount significance but if your budget won’t allow it, you can always count on a discount dress from the mall. But how can you channel your inner queen when you’re wearing a cheap dress?

Below are a few handy tips to help you choose an expensive-looking cheap dress for your big day!

1. Ivory, not white

Barely-there pastel gowns have begun dominating in runways, magazine covers, and wedding aisles. But if you prefer to stay classic, opt for an ivory, off-white, or cream dress. Know that a white wedding dress doesn’t always have to be white. A soft white dress gives a warm, romantic look while a dress that’s too white can make you appear washed out, especially in photos.

2. Less is more

Choose a dress with one decorative statement only. It could be a rhinestone sequin, beadwork, or a three-dimensional lace but not all. Unless it’s a gypsy wedding, going overboard is a huge crime! A dress too bulky not only looks tacky but is uncomfortable to wear

When in doubt, choose a dress without any embellishment and simply glitz it with a beautifully embellished belt. Remember: even the Duchess of Cambridge don’t wear too much sparkle!

3. Sleek but not too shiny

Focus on the texture of the fabric. Never choose a dress that is too glossy as though it has been made out of satin bed covers. Likewise, stay away from crinkly dresses as these look utterly cheap with just a glance. A good rule of thumb is to choose a matte dress with a single decorative statement or none at all.

4. Modesty is the key

You can opt for a quasi-provocative dress and still look sophisticated. The key is to select only one sexy feature. It could be a lace-up back, a plunging neckline, a visible corsetry, or a high slit but never a combination of these. Also, bear in mind that a dress too long is better than a dress too short.

You don’t have to reveal too much skin just to look sexy on your big day. Save that for Halloween, cosplays, and costume parties.

5. Make it fit

Lastly, make sure the dress sits in all the right places. You don’t want to keep hiking your dress up or look as though you are about to explode in your dress. Ask your seamstress to make a few alterations. You’ll be surprised how a cheap dress from the rack can look like an expensive custom piece.

Final Thoughts

Your wedding dress doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive. As long as you follow these tips, no one can even guess! Remember, your wedding is a special milestone in your life. Hence, your dress’ price tag should never hinder you from enjoying your moment! Visit Dynasty London for more inspirational ideas. They are based in the UK and have been running their brand for several years now.